Whenever I have a dilemma to accept an invitation or do a task that doesn’t support my goal of winning the Nobel Prize, I use a tool. This 2 factor authentication tool helps me commit to less and less things throughout the day that lead me away from my goal of doing the most good for the most number of people, aka winning the proverbial Nobel prize.

The first factor is for me to see if this task will take more than give me in terms of enriching me. If the answer is a No, well I don’t even have to get into the second factor.
The second is while engaging in this task, will I be putting up a performance or will I get a chance to live my authentic self. If the answer to this question is a No, then there’s no way I’m going to do it.

Let’s face it. Life is too short to be run on someone else’s agenda. If you don’t have a plan on the calendar for yourself, others will make plans for you.

Think about it. It’s your life and your precious time on the earth that you can’t afford to give away.


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COMMIT To Your Goals, Achieve Anything And Become Unstoppable

COMMITMENT - A Pillar of FutureSTRONG Academy



Our children will one day face the real world without our support. Academic development is not the only skill they will need in the real world where people skills like taking the lead, emotional intelligence and a strong moral compass will determine who will shine. So, as parents who want to raise well rounded adults, we want to give them the right tools for their personal development.

Here is COMMITMENT as described as the 6 C’s of Future STRONG.

Find Below Better Strategies On COMMITMENT

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