Strategies to Address Digital Addiction:


Being tethered to the internet is Big Tech’s agenda for you. The model is “Always-on”.

The expectation is that teens who don’t have access to Discord or Snapchat might lose precious opportunities to socialize and network. An employee who chooses to limit corporate email and messenger use after hours, might risk losing career advancement opportunities.


Here are a few urgent reminders before we reach out to our phones.


My Handbook:


  • We are the master, not our devices.
  • When we’re looking at others’ lives, we’re comparing the inside of ours to the outside of others.
  • Remember that deep connections and meaningful relationships are only possible in the real world.
  • Sleep walk or intentional living is a choice we must make intentionally. Or else we will be at the mercy of our notifications.
  • Create space, time and an environment around you that discourages interruptions.
  • Schedule breaks and daily phone incentive times, so you stick around the hard times in anticipation of the fun times.
  • When you catch yourself scrolling, ask yourself what needs your attention in the real world right now.
  • Share carefully. Nothing on the internet ever disappears.
  • No matter what, be kind to people online, even those strangers who are being mean to you.
  • Make sure you’re not changing who you are to show everyone else that you’re woke and cool.
  • Will these likes or hearts matter on those pictures in a few days or months?
  • Find there’s some sort of miscommunication with anyone? Pick up the phone or go meet that person face to face.
  • The best things in life happened on the phone. Said no one ever.




Digital Addiction Making Us Monkeys





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