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Before joining Create & Learn Rachana was a data scientist for 14 years, working with different programming languages like Java, JavaScript, and Python. But 3 years ago, she quit her corporate job and made the switch to teaching. “I decided that I wanted to do something much more meaningful and much more real and immediate, as far as impact goes,” Rachana said.

Her teaching journey began with teaching the basics of coding in order to trigger advanced classes for children and teens in a way that’s interesting and easily digestible. The way Rachana did that was by starting off with Python, then teaching a little bit of JavaScript and AP Java to high schoolers.

Not only does Rachana teach coding, she also teaches robotics. “With robots,” she said, “I see immediate engagement. No matter what barrier the child comes in with, the minute I take out a robot, there is instant engagement.” Witnessing that engagement, Rachana realized how she could make a difference. Rachana notices this when her students’ faces light up because their code gets converted into something graphical.“It’s helpful and makes coding exciting!” she said.

Rachana likes robotics and coding because of its connections to real world applications and how it supports cognitive development, which she emphasizes are important. “What you’re doing is creating all these new experiences in your brain. You can also code and create your own games and share them with your friends. Another example is that my coworker had actually designed a reminder on his computer for every 15 minutes using Python saying, ‘Hey, get up and walk,’” she said. “That is an environment you have built on your own using robotics and coding skills. Using technology makes your life efficient, and just better.”

If there’s anything that can be taken away from the classes that she teaches, it’s that she tries getting her students to realize their potential. As she says, “Just go for it!”


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