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All day, everyday, we give our children plenty of opportunities, but we don’t give them enough time and space to reflect on their experiences. We want to be protective, encouraging and caring without thought of how we’re making our children powerless. So, read along and find out ways to build resilience, self confidence and unstoppable courage in your children.

If a child is scared of the dark, parents usually say: “I’m right outside the door” or “Come sleep with me in my bed.” But these are accommodations and they lead to increased anxiety. It’s like telling your child, “you can’t do this, so I’m going to help you.”

Empower your children by encouraging them to face their anxieties rather than flee them. This will help them learn to deal with stressors and develop the ability to cope with them. Build courage in them by showing them how to live a life of integrity, morals and ethics. Ultimately, understanding the difference between right and wrong, and that its their choice how they want to live their life, is their ticket to freedom. To help them develop a sense of moral compass, ask them questions like: “You find a 100 dollar bill in a busy mall, what will you do?”



Here are some Micros of Parenting that we must help our children learn before they leave the house for college.


a. Post a package.
b. Make a reservation at a restaurant.
c. Prices of essential goods.
d. Read a map.
e. Drive a car.
f. Change a tire.
g. Home remedies.
h. Clean the house.
i. Cook for surviving.
j. IDs and Imp documents.
k. Change a light bulb.
l. Book flights.
m. Things that can kill you.
n. Do taxes, basic banking.
o. Ironing.
p. Doing laundry, sewing.


Parenting Meme



If you’re looking to build a whole child, here are the areas of development you must focus on.





Parents Here Are Words And Actions That Can Help Propel Your Child’s Self Confidence





Want To Listen To The Article Instead? 



The Golden words that every child should hear:


As adults, we don’t consciously draw a line at where we will stop in pushing our children. Its when we as parents don’t strike a balance with our expectations, our children suffer.

Once in a while, tell your child, “Sweetheart, you’re good enough.” Irrespective of whether they seem to be listening or not, tell your child over and over again, “I believe in you. My goal is to see you realize your highest potential.”

Here are a few strategies that we can practice while enabling our children to follow their potential and achieve their goals.


Read them HERE.


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