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For Students Of Any Age: 


Don’t Strain Your Eyes:
Makes the color of your computer’s display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day.

Fight Distractions: DF Youtube is a helpful chrome extension to plug in, it gets rid of some of the suggestions, which helps to avoid the situation where you meant to watch one YouTube video but wake up two hours later in a daze.

Make Notes, Make It Your Second Brain:

Upload and Share Files:

Accountability Apps To Help With Focus:

Scientifically Optimized Music To Help You Focus:

Learn a Language:

Learn Anything:

Advancing AI For Everyone:

For Distraction Free Productivity:

For Intense Focus During Studying:

Literature Clock:

Drown Out Noises Around You: Free Sound Generator:

Online Timer, Alarm And Stopwatch:

Doodle And Fast Drawing:

Quick Draw, Doodle To Refocus On Important Tasks:

Intranet for News and Data Source Sharing:

Become Fluent In Any Language:

Books For Cheap:

Great Teen Magazine Newsletter Sample:

Create Your Presentations, Marketing Flyers Etc:

Search The World’s Information:

Enjoy And Upload Videos And Music You Love:

Build Interactive Presentations With An Online Editor:

Share Your Screen With Others In A Video Call:

Share Your Screen With Others In A Video Call:



For Professionals And Students: 


Keep Track of Big Freelance Projects or Teams of Virtual Workers

Free Online Collaborative Whiteboard Platform:

Upside Down Text Generator:

Password Manager: Simplify Your Life:

Scheduling Calendar Based On Availability:

Manage Your Team’s Projects From Anywhere:

Project Management Tool:

Organize And Categorize Your Bookmarks:

Free Scheduling Tool For Team Meetings And Parties:

Event Management And Scheduling:

PDF Editor Online:

Meeting Scheduling Tool:

Convert Any File Into Any Other Format:

Free Team Scheduling Software For Businesses:

Real-time Collaborative Web Platform Of Virtual Bulletin Boards:

Digital Interactive Whiteboard By Google:

Save, Organize and Share Content:



Find Tutoring Jobs: 


Click HERE.



For Writers And Bloggers: 


Build Your eStore In Few Clicks:

Free Speech To Text Online Notepad:

Wacom | Interactive Pen Displays & Tablet Styluses:

Headline Analyzer:

Largest Free Source Of Royalty Free Images:

Copyright free photos for purchase:

Free Teleprompter / Autocue Service:

Write With Absolute Focus: For Writers:

Free Online Minimalist Notetaker:

Free Online No Nonsense Notetaker:

Word Counter: Every Word Counts:

Free Extended PageSpeed Test (Similar To Google PageSpeed Insights But Also Has Extended Speed Tests):

Free PageSpeed Insights:

Free Convert English To Telugu:

Google Year In Search:

Speechify – Listen To Text:

Free Text To Speech Converter:



For Podcasters: For Shooting, Recording & Editing: 


Record Your Podcast Online:

Broadcast Your Podcasts:

Create, distribute, and monetize your podcast—all for free:

How To Start A Podcast:



For Memers And Content Creators:


Best Free Stock Photos:

Video Maker Built For Content Strategy:

Simple Video Editor:

WMV File Convertor to Video MP4:

Video Editing Software:
Final Cut Pro

Audio Editing Software:
Logic X Pro

Video Maker Software Unlimited Stock Images:

Free Stock Images:

Create, Design And Sell Your Designs:

Vector, Stock Photos Etc:

Free Images And Royalty Free Stock:

Record, Edit And Share Videos:

Video Editing Made Easy:

Create Professional High Quality Videos:

Free Screen Capture And Screen Recorder:

Convert Audio Files Online For Free:

Free Photo Editor And Animation Software:

Largest Free Meme Community On The Internet:

Awesome Free Customizable Illustrations For Your Next Project:

Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software:

Free Online Multipurpose Converter:

Add Music To Your Content Creations:

Add Music To Your Videos:

Make Fully Customizable Animation Videos:

For Professional Video and Audio Streamers:
Example: Elgato Stream Deck XL

Best 2D Animation Software:

Easy Animation Software To Make Whiteboard Videos:

Grow Your Audience With Whiteboard Animation Videos:

Camtasia: Screen Recorder and Video Editor:

Best Free Screen Recorder:

All In One Video Maker:

Video Editing: Drag-and-drop interface with features like Music visualization, Meme maker, Audio remover, GIF resizer, video trimmer, and video calendar:

Free Videos For Content Creators:

Free Video Editor: Add Sub titles, Images, Sounds Easily:

Great Sample Animation Video:

How To Film Yourself and Screen Record:



Camera And Other Tools For Vlogging: Video Making:


  2. Sony Alpha a6500 with wide angle lens
  3. Any mobile Phone with good front camera
  4. Rode Video Micro Compact On-Camera Microphone
  5. Any camera with tilt screen
  6. Any Mobile Gimbal
  7. Amazon: Green Screen $40
  8. Tripod $20
  9. Microphone Cord Lavalier mike $7
  10. iOttie Easy One Touch Mount



Apps For Photo Editors:


Create Art On It:

Make Good Pictures, Add A Doodle Or A Sticker:

Add Moving Elements To Pictures:

Add Stars To Sky Or Smoke To Tea:

Fix Colors, Exposures And Add Filters:

Fix Your Photos With This:

Plan Your Content And See How It Looks Together:



For Technology Enthusiasts: 


For Digital Wellbeing And Positive Tech:

Your Local Non-Profit Technology Recycler:

Uncensored Internet access for Windows and Mobile:



For Entrepreneurs: 


Free Resources And Guidance For Entrepreneurs Who Are Starting A New Business Or Venture. Click HERE.



For Teachers And Educators:  


Free Resources And Guidance For Educators Who Are Helping Change The World One Student At A Time. Click HERE.



For Parents Of Children And Teens: 


Stress Management Resources And Tools:

Comprehensive Parental Control Tool for Families:

Parental Controls For All Your Devices:

Partner Up To Defeat Porn:

Parental Control to Keep Your Kids and Family Safe Online:

Parental Control And Digital Wellbeing Solution:

Norton Family To Keep Children Safer Online:



For Physical And Mental Health And Wellbeing: 


COVID-19 Dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU):

COVID Worldometer:



Other General Resources And Tools: 


For Gold And Precious Metal Rates:



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Productivity Resources And Tools


For Children, Teens, Adults And Parents

Resources For Adults

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