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Virtual Algorithms Are Ruling Our Real World:


If you look at the algorithms for Netflix or Amazon have, you might have noticed how their recommendations are based on analyzing our past behavior and the information they have collected about us. Google search results are also based on the highest payer for the particular search word or that trend. What is this if not blurred realism?

To prevent negative behaviors – like crime – technology relies on a simplified model of people, society and human motivation. Using big data, it is perpetuating stereotypes. The reality is that we cannot force “automatic human virtue” – moral codes cannot be imposed, because it makes people less likely to become upstanding citizens of the community.

To encourage good behavior, technology is gamifying the experience with rewards, and badges and coins etc etc. So the motivation to do good and be good is externalized which is very harmful in the long run.



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Citation: Peper, E., & Harvey, R. (2018). Digital addiction: Increased loneliness, anxiety, and depression. NeuroRegulation, 5(1), 3–8.


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