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Practical Tips to Keep Up Momentum:


Let’s revisit history. We’ve survived famines, wars and pandemics before and have lived to tell. How else can we explain our predisposition to the spirit of human resilience?

Now you ask, “That’s all good, but, how about my daily life, when I can’t seem to derive motivation to carry on?”

Here’s how we can build resilience and sustain it. Here’s how you can chin up and pivot in a new direction each day!

1. Exercise. Exercise releases endorphins that calm the nervous system.
2. Pick role models who’ve put themselves back together after a loss.
3. Develop patience. In the of instant downloads and instant everything, the one who has the ability to delay gratification will survive the longest.
4. How you feel about your situation is your choice. Attitude matters.
5. At the end of the day, you can be a fault finder or a hope finder.

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