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The Problem With Our Generation – A Teen’s View Of The World




From self-driving cars to controlling the lights in your house through your phone, technology has come a long way in providing us countless solutions to make our lives easier and better. Most of our interactions with technology now are through a touchscreen, which is why we are having more screens in our houses. The average US household has around 7.5 screens, allowing us to consume more information and entertainment than ever before. In addition, other forms of technology, such as the rise of social media, have increased online communication and have made it easy to post pictures and talk with your friends.

The increase of smartphones and tablets has given us the power of computers in the palm of our hands. Modern-day technology is showing how the future will look like with improved innovations and new developments. However, as our use and dependence on technology, including social media, increases, we are seeing a trend of our generation having a form of digital addiction. Due to the new technology and how exciting and addicting it is, kids are spending more and more time on their devices, and it’s negatively impacting their mental health. We need to educate the youth and make sure that we can help them not become obsessed with their online lives.

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