Create, Build, Inspire!!

Hey kids, here’s a challenge for you! These are art and crafts created by children like you! Create and build something fun with regular household supplies and we’ll post them here for everyone to see and be inspired! #BecomeUnstoppable

NOTE: No instructions on how to build the below! Use your own creativity and imagination, real life doesn’t come with a manual! :0

Email pictures to:

Make a Mask

Masks Using 3D Printers

Life Cycle Of a Plant

Little Wool Birdie

Little Birdie House

Newspaper Artwork

T Shirt Art

No Smoke Zone

Marble Roller Coaster

Flip Crafts

Dog Food Dispenser

Build a House

Stop Motion Animation

Create Super Heroes

Make a Maze

Have a Chalk Talk

Build a Bridge

Tin Can Robots

Make Dough Balls

Play Dough Robots

Foam Watches

Toilet Roll Wreath

Portrait with Rocks

Cardboard Crafts

3D Balloon Art

Leon, The Legendary Brawler

Cut Paper Art - People

Santa's Sleigh Art

Cut Paper Art - Birds

Pictorial Book Review

Sticky Note Mario

Create a Board Game

Hand Print Art

3D Cardboard School

3D Perler Bead Creations

Cereal Box Puzzles

STEM Seismograph

Origami Pokeball

Playdoh Characters

Times of a Day

Build Words

Create with Beads

Ninja Stars

Paper Rockets

My Strength Finder

Be a Unicorn

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