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Here are some FREE (most of them!) CREATE, LEARN, and GROW sites with tons of fun and educational activities!

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All resources good for kids ages: 7 to 16: 


How Coding Helps: 


* Game Examples: 



Scratch Game Examples: 


Beginner Scratch: 



Advanced Scratch: 




Expert Scratch: 




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FREE Resources for Coding & Game Development: For Ages 6 to 11: 



What’s a coder or a computer developer without the skill of lightning fast typing :)

FREE resources for Learning Typing: 



Python Coding Resources: For Ages 11 to 18: 


  • Website:
  • Software Application: Geanie
  • Software Application: Sublime
  • IDE: PyCharm


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Coding Is For Everyone

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1st-3rd grade: The Curious Child

4th-5th grade: The Balanced Child

6th-12th: The Good Citizen

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