I make lentils for lunch sometimes, and if you know Indian food, there’s seasoning called Tadka (Hindi word) or Popu (Telugu word) that I add to it. It lends spice and flavor for the dish.

And this meme is a “tribute” from my 12 year old ;-)






Sure, times have changed, I no longer have to spell out my name, R as in Roger, A as in Apple, C as in Cat, H as in Harry, A as in Apple, N as in Nancy and A as in Apple. And if you call me an Indian, I won’t be in the least bit offended. In fact, I would like to be called a cool Indian.. Here is a scenario that might qualify that statement.. Taking pictures of snack packs at department stores to figure out how the cheese and the cracker trays are done, and then proudly serve them to Indian / American guests.. Of course, in the beginning it was a tough one.. Cracker?!?! Isn’t that called a biscuit, damn, the English(man)!!

So, why this longing for India you ask.. Well, simply put, I don’t know either.. And honestly I have even contemplated moving to Singapore that has a 50% foreign work force, just to be close to India.. That way, the country would be easy for the family to assimilate (one more assimilation needed here, but how many can one survive anyway, and we are not talking Army families here people) because they sound immigrant friendly on paper.. I mean, this is the part where I start sounding desperate, with all that research..!!

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