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Ok let’s see how teens behave.
We feel like all their actions and behaviors seem to point out that

• They are seeking independence.
• They are evolving into their separate identity
• And mostly they are testing the limits of our boundaries.

Here’s the truth.
Teens are literally evolving physically, emotionally and physiologically.
The prefrontal cortex – the thinking cap and the judgement center of the brain is not fully grown until 25 years old.

They are trying to understand the world around them. Based on what they see on tiktok and peers, they are understanding the ideals of life – How to walk, talk and dress.

As they constantly evaluate their world around them, teens are synthesizing the info they absorb into ideas. So when they’re arguing, they are just practicing these ideas on us not really trying to rebel.

Studies show that that half of teens surveyed say they have experimented with alcohol, drugs and sex. So there is another 50% that haven’t so please be kind and patient with these emerging adults.

After all, this generation has had to become socially present people much earlier.


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