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Creativity Vs. Problem Solving:


Whatever we think of Covid 19 and our forced isolation situation now, in a few years, we might be looking at it as an important period of growth and transformation in our lives.

How else can we explain our adapting daily to the fast pace of situations and challenges that are evolving around us?

Marcus Arelius, a Stoic philosopher, famously said, “Obstacle is the way.” And that’s true of how we’re living our lives in these uncertain times now. When schools had shut down, we started learning online, when it became too risky to go into work, we converted our living rooms into offices and when gyms closed, we started jogging in place outside on our decks.

We’ve gotten really creative in the way we spend our time. Our Saturdays are no longer for binge eating at parties, but to show case our mediocre dancing skills on TikTok in the hopes of becoming viral. Boredom, be damned, some of us who were not even walking to our mailboxes have now started hiking 4 miles over the weekends.

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