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From Mission To Vision Using Grit:


For achieving success, grit, the quality that makes us sustain our effort a bit longer until we accomplish what we have set out to, is very essential. Grit will distinguish us from our work ethic than by our intelligence.

Some things come naturally to us and other things need us to put in a lot of effort. Isn’t it? But, isn’t that all what growth mindset is all about? That we’re not just fixed in our abilities and that we can always make ourselves better through persistence, hard work, and most importantly, resilience.

For understanding and developing grit, we can take cues from people who do what they love for a living. From these people, we can understand that just as it is important to enjoy what we’re doing, so is deriving pleasure in the pursuit of our goals. It is important to remember that life is going to be exhausting, both mentally and physically.

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Why Success Needs Grit, How To Develop It, And Not Take It Too Far


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