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Self Care First. Here’s How You Can Avoid Daily Burnout. #Shorts


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Disclaimer: Don’t fight it, live it. This is the summary of this post. But, please note, this is not intended for those who are living under extreme stress and unbearably tough conditions.



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Instead of being over cautious, we must become a witness to our own life and just use stillness as a great weapon for self-discovery. But, if we only “be” and not really “do”, how can we progress in life? Does being OK with everything mean we must become passive?

Nope, action IS life. The point here is that being OK and not resisting can give us space to reflect and respond.

Show up to your life. Honor yourself and all your efforts. Look back, connect the dots. Write your story. Share things before they’re ready. Get feedback, and improvise.

Instead of resisting our efforts and ultimately any outcomes, how about we embrace and appreciate every single occurrence in our life as an integral thread in the tapestry of our life. It is our life, and everything was just meant to be the way it was. Let us just trust life to know what it is doing for us.


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