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The Cost of Micro Decisions:


There are so many micro decisions we make voluntarily and involuntarily in a day. Like yesterday, there were all these different ways our wall decor could look so it helps deliver the idea to an artist we’ve come to love.

But, did you know decision making is a will power we chip away at as the day progresses? As a result of having to make multiple decisions, we experience decision fatigue.

Decision fatigue is a productivity killer. Stop making too many small decisions that constantly use up brain resources. Think of decisions as a limited number of marbles in a jar that you have for any given day. Use them wisely.

When we simply our decision making as much as possible, a clarity of thought and vision emerges. We become clutter free in our ideas of what our purpose was meant to be.

Let’s stop making way too many small decisions throughout the day. Let us SIMPLIFY radically.




How To Eat The Frog And Other Micros And Macros Of Decision Making (Video)



Watch it HERE.


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