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Haunted By The Past: 


This is how we live. Never present.

We ruminate about the Past: Worry
We somehow assume that what has happened to us in the past can tell us what can happen in the future.

We look ahead into the Future: Anxious
Will I lose my job in the recession?
Will I ever make something of my life?



Why Are We Miserable? 


We’re never present in the moment
Rumination bring worry
Anticipation brings anxiety
Too many choices leads to chaos
Don’t recognize that there will always be circumstances that are out of our control

Grief visits in stages *
Denial -> Bargaining -> Anger -> Depression -> Acceptance.

* Source: Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


* * *


On How To Meditate.


Find Your Meta Self, Go Inward And Transcend The Plight Of Life.

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