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Why And How Is Clarity Important:


Clarity of thought is important, so we can make that one choice that matters – especially when we’re confused and overwhelmed with options. It’s one of the pillars of FutureSTRONG Academy for this reason.

Clarity in prioritization and clarity of purpose can help us analyze our situation and the road we’ve to take – most importantly, understand, “Why we are doing what we’re doing.”

Clarity helps us stay focused on the big picture while setting small achievable goals in its direction.



Base Line Assumptions And Reconciliations: 


Here are some assumptions and questions one can adopt to live a life of clarity.

1. This problem might already have a solution; I just have to find it.
2. What is the cost of rumination and inaction?
3. The more I make easy choices now; life will get harder later. And, the more I make difficult choices now, life will get easier later.
4. Life is meant to be chaotic, tell me, who has lived a perfectly civil life?
5. Let me turn all the evil stories I tell myself into cautionary tales.
6. We can all make the world a beautiful place by reserving our prejudices towards others.
7. Let’s just assume that life is beautiful.



Looking To Nature For Inspiration:


The five elements, earth, fire, water, air and space, don’t seem to tell each other that in their own power, they stand alone, and are not really dependent on one another. They simply exist with unconditional trust, freedom and generosity in this shared space. They teach us to reserve my judgement, perceptions, and just be accepting and content and to believe that we’re blessed to someday disintegrate and become one with them.

The animals in our backyard and in the wild seem to think so, do you?



How To Declutter: 


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On How To Meditate.


Find Your Meta Self, Go Inward And Transcend The Plight Of Life.

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