Raising Exceptional Children:


Our children will grow up. And we will pass on. So parents, here is a question for you. How many positive relationships have you nurtured that will see them through their lives?

Our primary goal in raising children is not to teach them how to behave, but to enable them to think for themselves. When we remove distractions from their environment and create pockets of deep focus and deliberate purpose, children begin to raise the standards of excellence they set for themselves.

When they begin to work towards enhancing their extraordinary potential, they understand what makes them different. When they realize that unique value proposition, they strive to live a life of service than of the self.



Life Skills For Life:


It is the responsibility of parents, educators and our society to teach our children how to cope with “real life” by showing them how to create their own definitions for success and happiness. If we help our children understand the value in communication, collaboration and contribution, they will strive to live meaningful lives. This is more important, especially now in our digital age, where we are more connected than ever before and far more disconnected from each other in real life.

One of the most essential life skills for our modern world requires people to come together bringing their individual cognitive strengths and social & cultural competencies to the table.

It also happens to be one of the top 3 skills that colleges and companies look for. That’s the skill of Collaborative Problem Solving that can solve world problems whether its tackling climate change, technological disruption or building human resilience towards mental health issues.



Inspiring The Collaborative Spirit: 


And that’s why it forms the framework of our programs at FutureSTRONG Academy.

How do we do it? We engage children in strength finder questions so each one on the team knows what everyone else is good at including themselves. That way we avoid the risk of over collaboration – where it’s a time waste for everyone involved, or under collaboration – where everyone’s so challenged, in the end, no work gets done.

Our motto as coaches is “I’m because, we are.” As coaches, these are the words we want to instill in our children to show them that we are all products of someone else’s kindness on top of our own hard work and effort.

The ability to see potential in networking and thrive in teamwork comes from the belief that we’re all gifted with unique abilities. Inspite of our differences, we’re all connected with singular goal of making a difference in the lives we touch.

Before they end up in colleges, our children must learn how to:

~ Learn How to Anticipate Others’ Reactions: Emotional Agility
~ Persuade and Negotiate
~ Promote a Culture of Hope and Empathy
~ Build Relationship skills and Foster Social Engagement
~ Work Towards Mutual Understanding and Cooperation
~ Respect Uniqueness and Become a Global Citizen



Love Binds And Unites:


Oxytocin, the love hormone, is produced when we interact with others in mutual good faith. Our brain changes with every interaction we make with others socially. From professional settings to social gatherings, effective communication and collaboration is the difference between standing out and being invisible.

Children these days are spending their time differently than just they did a few years ago. How many children are still being engaged in doing chores around the house, on unstructured physical play and outdoor time? How many teens are doing paid work and socializing outside of their smart screens?

As often as we can, let’s lean into the joy, the beauty and the uniqueness each one of us has to offer to grow and learn from one another. By creating an awareness of their unique purpose and mission, we can increase collaboration and community engagement among children from a very young age.

When we stand together, we can share the load of pain, heart break and struggle. When we stand together, we are not alone. When we stand as one, we heal faster.



* * *



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