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There Are Three Kinds Of Digital Age Parents. Which One Are You?


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Encourage Productive Use Of Tech:


While allowing our children to use technology, many of us think we’re doing a good thing, by “going with the flow” or keeping their skills “relevant to the needs of the modern world”. But, how many of our children and teens know the right use of their devices and the internet resources?

Here are a few things you can ask your techie children to help you with. Ask them to do all the research (Googling) you need to do for finding the next vacation location, or

* The Cheapest stove filter
* Dog groomer
* Where is the closest park that we could hike.
* Order food
* Book tickets for a movie
* Update your Grocery list
* Find a recipe
* Update the family calendar
* Create Photo presentations of family and share

So, your teen daughter wants that bead collection on Amazon or your teen son wants those Nike shoes, right? Have they tried buying them on their own and resolve any issues over help desk calls or emails?

Encourage them to try their best and if they mess up, it’s OK. These small tasks can help them understand that people make the World Wide Web go round and not the other way around. :)


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