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Grief is the pact you make with love. ~ Nick Cave



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Grief comes when any one of these things happens:

1. Unexpected event – bereavement.
2. Or expectations not met.
3. Or not able to cope with change.
4. Or loss of a relationship.

I am talking only about bereavement. Loss of a loved one.

There is not blueprint for how to grieve. No right or wrong way to grieve.

So, why must we address grief.
Because lack of support, or acknowledge can take a toll on our bodies and minds.

It can leave us in perpetual fog and chronic pain.

Sometimes we want to move on, but are in conflict with ourselves if we haven’t stayed in pain longer.

What we must understand is that just because we get back to our life, or “move on” doesn’t mean we forgot or are in denial.

At best, the finality of the loss will teach us the shortness of our own life.

So many of us are grieving. America saw two mass shootings this past week.
Loss of a parent or a child can leave a hole.
For parents, I want you to consider this. It is following the law of nature that parents pass on before the children.

And for parents who are grieving their children. Please find strength in the memory of your child. Please find your strength in taking care of those who need you. Please continue living so you can honor the memory of your child by remembering the beautiful

The magnitude of the grief doesn’t stay the same all the time. It ebbs and flows.

But one thing is for sure.
It can be that one gigantic emotion that will eat away at the others. And not let us continue breathe and live.

Our life is our journey. And it begins by accepting our grief.

How we can create rituals to honor those who have left us.

Finding joy in every recollection and retaining it.



Leveraging Our Grief To Transcend Our Suffering: 


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