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Commit To Less And Less:


The main source of anxiety and overwhelm comes from how we manage our expectations of ourselves especially in front of others. We find it difficult to say no, either because we don’t want to disappoint the other person, or because we fear repercussions.

And when it comes to taking up tasks, and filling up our calendars, some of us feel special excitement in keeping ourselves busy all the time. We’re constantly checking off all the boxes in a timely fashion, and performing for others instead of living for ourselves. But, one way to look at our greedy selves wanting company desperately is because we simply can’t stand having tough conversations with our own selves.

The problem is we live like we will live forever, when the reality is that our time on this earth is the thing we absolutely cannot be sure of. There’s a great need to simplify irrationally. Because micro decisions are mostly the reason for overwhelm. And when we think of our lives with the urgency of our imminent mortality, we can start to see things clearly. We can begin to appreciate how in fact time is really a very limited resource of ours.

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