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Build A League of Your Own:


Our quality of life depends on the quality of our attention span, our sleep and the number of regrets we have. Refuel on productivity strategies like extending your brain and abstraction. Learn how to thicken your skin, ask for help and be yourself to move upwards. Learn the difference between your left and right brains. Find out tips on how to extend your brain. And find out how sleep, OMG, sleep will help you keep your brain focused and in top shape.

In every day actions, look for aspects that make up your personal values. Not values you’ve inherited from your parents or the community. When you find what’s your unique value proposition, it helps strengthen your moral compass.

When you develop extreme self-awareness, you are able to see your strengths and your weaknesses for what they are. They, in turn, help you determine what challenges you will undertake and how quickly you will bounce back from failures.



Leverage Your Tragedy:


Everyone feels like their problems are the end of the world. So, learn that having experienced tragedy doesn’t have to mean the end of the world. Learn coping mechanisms on how to manage crisis, stress and grief. Learn how to adapt to solving problems, because problems will always exist in one form or another. And, learn strategies on how to build resilience, redefine hardships and keep moving upward.



Clear The Clutter:


The desire to complete ourselves with brands comes from the feelings of imperfection from within. What are we accumulating instead of gathering priceless goods like education, experience, and memories? Learn tips on time, energy and your thoughts. What makes you feel alive? Understand your emotions, your feelings and their impact on your actions.

Embrace gratitude for what you already have so you can take on the future in a positive spirit. Learn how to abandon fear, shame, blame and judgment and live your best life ever. Gain a perspective. Learn how to let go of judgment, hate, ambivalence and decision fatigue.

Make decisions quickly and smartly. Learn the tips on how to become free of limiting emotions like guilt, anxiety and regret. Learn how not to obsess about what other think of you. To enjoy the journey of life, avoid the scarcity trap and learn to cut your losses. Start the journey with self-acceptance and self-compassion.

All I’m asking is that you grow your heart a little. To not take yourself so seriously and to forgive the way you look. To cut your losses and give yourself some slack. Take stock of your accomplishments and acknowledge your abilities. Appreciate for how far you’ve come.



Embrace Fear As The Obstacle:


Often times, parents don’t understand the reason behind the reluctance of a child in meeting new people, exploring new ideas and learning new things. Fears of not meeting expectations or disappointing his or her parents is likely an obstacle for a child to not try new things in the first place. Teaching them to be open to the possibility of different outcomes is one way to encourage children to keep challenging themselves.

You’re a great leader when you can inspire people to action. Gandhi didn’t have a book on how to win freedom for India. Neither did Mandela and Dr. King in their fights. Charge ahead with the best-case-scenario-end-goal in mind.


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