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Pivot That Kindness Inward:


Imagine you’re trapped inside a burning building and the heat from the engulfing fire is almost killing you. But, you’ve an opportunity to save just one person. Who will it be? If you answered your 85 year old next door neighbor, it’s official, you’re a saint. You’ll forever be praised for your martyrdom. Well, the rest of us common folks will jump the hell out of the building to save our asses that are on fire.

That’s just how much we really love ourselves. I’m not talking about the kind of narcissistic selfie love that a few of us seem to exhibit while making duck, fish and other shapes with our faces while in the bathroom or in the car. Now, that’s just bizarre.

Jokes apart, have you ever caught yourself off-guard by your own kindness towards others? That surprising way in which you’re so respectful and patient towards complete strangers on the street. And then you come home and get into extreme self judgment mode and turn on the inner monologue rant of how you’ll never meet your own expectations about yourself. How does it feel when you can’t feel your arms hug you and extend themselves to pat you on the back for living through one more day of working yourself to extinction?


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