Want To Listen To This Instead? 




A Tribute To George Floyd




If you’re filled with anger towards me, I can apologize for my infractions. If you’re fearful of me, I can assuage you with my kind words of assurances. But, if you’re filled with spitting rage and hate towards me because you can’t identify with what I am and what I stand for, what can I do?

There is hope even in deep division and hostility. You can begin the journey of healing by understanding what you stand for. What makes up your identity. What are your vulnerabilities? Is aggression, and competition within you being instigated by the culture you’re surrounded by?

Paper protests on the streets, or keyboard courage with vile comments to strangers, is this what you really value? You have a choice to dictate what you get tied down to. Start moving today with accepting yourself and others for who they are.


* * *



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