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Trust, Truth, And Technology:


Rabbit holes. Endless scrolls. That’s where we spend the majority of our waking hours – at the mercy of our smart phones and its endless content. There’s no better place to watch the dynamics of human behavior than on the internet these days. Because, we have all but stopped interacting with strangers anywhere else in real life.

Just why are we addicted to Tech? Here are two basic reasons.

1. Humans, unlike animals, are driven by this intrinsic desire to fit in with other humans to
have a sense of belonging.
2. Humans, unlike animals, like to have their beliefs and their understanding of the workings of the world validated.

These natural instincts, that Big Tech companies understand so well, are the reason why we’ve naturally adopted the roles of compulsive clickers and swipers.



Life First, Tech Next:


Be it class instructional time, watching YouTube videos for fun, or doing homework – Technology keeps creeping back up into our children’s lives from all directions. Be it the notifications on from your social accounts, breaking news alerts, or just the promise of “one episode only” of Netflix – Technology keeps creeping back into our adult lives.

Combat Screen Creep in all forms. Become aware of how our temptations and distractions are impacting our mental sanity and our productivity. Checking emails or social feeds – do it with a self-awareness of what we want our lives to be defined as, because every single day counts to make up the entirety of our lives. Combat your own temptations before your combat your children’s screen creep.


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