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Make Focus Sustainable:

Focus sustainable is focus achievable. Before your sit down for deep work, go to the bathroom, don’t be hungry and run from your smartphone. It’s really that simple. Time box your essential tasks and leave some unstructured time for yourself for unforeseen emergencies.



The first step is to simplify your surroundings. Simplify the signals you are sending to your brain. Tame the monkey mind, in this case our conscious one which is eager to jump from one task to another not lasting even 3 minutes on each one of them.



First of all, we are not computers. So lets stop multitasking. As knowledge workers this is an essential skill to develop. The smartphones in our pockets are high powered machines that can multitask several processes in the background. But as humans, we are juggling many hats – work, personal life, family obligations. The call for action is to focus on one aspect of your life at any given time of the day. And for that amount of time that will either complete the task at hand or finish part of it that you had intended to before beginning it.


Cost Of Task Switching:

Here’s the full story, the cost of mental juggling have been researched in the recent past. American Psychological Association says that even brief mental blocks created by shifting between tasks can cost as much as 40 percent of someone’s productive time. This is what they have to say: “Throwing in a load of laundry while talking to a friend will probably work out all right. But, losing just a half second of time to task switching can make a life-or-death difference for a driver on a cell phone traveling at 30 MPH.”


Focus In And On Life:

Give the luxury of your undivided attention to loved ones. Make yourself more dependable and empathetic to people in social settings by being attentive. Focus on the big picture to become a visionary leader. Run away as far as possible from your smart phone, and you will find yourself less of a distracted receiver and more of a focused giver.


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