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The Era of the Social Enterprise:


People these days don’t want to only eke out a living like how they had to in the midst of war during the Industrial Revolution. We don’t want to just elevate their standard of living like with the latest Technology and Information revolution.

Socially conscious enterprises – the ones that want to do the most social good, that have popped up in the past few years, are making us think of our own personal impact on the world. Most of us are now seeking meaning in “Why we do” in the “What we do” of our daily lives. We seek reward in improving the quality of our life and not just our standard of living. This is how the Future of our Work is going to look like.


Creativity And Adaptability As Tools:


As work continues to get more automated, only our unique value proposition as humans will set us apart from machines. As such, qualities like our unlimited imagination, our creativity and our drive to make a difference will become even more invaluable.

If we must continue our work towards using Technology as a tool to make our life convenient and efficient and not become a puppet in its hands, we must learn to navigate the digital age without forgetting our core strengths.

In the end, our world is a product of our imagination and vision and not the exponential output of the machines we’re building. Only humans can communicate effectively with others, manage, delegate and resolve differences. Only we can learn on the job, be emotionally flexible towards experiences and adopt positive role models. In the end, it’s our understanding of what gives us humans a competitive edge over machines.

While schools drive academic accomplishments, lets also teach our 21st Century children essential life skills. So, they can take on any job with the top 3 skills colleges and employers want: Perseverance, Creativity and Adaptability, and with emotional flexibility and self confidence that they need.

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