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Kinds Of Digital Parenting:


There are three kinds of Digital-age parents.

Digital Enablers are those parents that live and let their children live. They love their technology and as a result their children are blessed with plenty of screen time. Their argument – this is the iGeneration, they have a different childhood than our own. We have to evolve with time or else we’ll be left in the dust.

Digital Restrictors are maniacal about their children consuming too much tech or staying too long on their personal devices. They are acutely aware of all the conversations around the negative influences of technology on their anxiety, attention spans and productivity. They mostly take a “completely off” approach.

But, can we really take back our kids to an era when we were kids? Will it help them thrive when so much around us is changing so rapidly? No, it’s not practical. Since technology is here to stay, let’s understand that it is not bad, but the way some of us are using it is.

Digital Gatekeepers are parents who try to be digitally savvy while keeping up with their children’s evolving technology environment. By taking an active role in their lives, these digital-age parents enable children to understand the right ways to stay engaged in the real and online worlds. They strive for a healthy balance of both worlds.


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