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Foster Problem Solving:


If Covid has taught us an important lesson, it is that the world will always keep changing and we will always have problems. That’s the only constant in our lives. Let’s teach our children how to design solutions to problems. We must teach them how to face obstacles and find the self-motivation to keep going.

We must expose them to adversity and not hide them from it. How long can we keep safeguarding them from real life anyway? Life is not perfect all the time and the sooner they know it, the better they’re ready for it.

When faced with problems, giving them a perspective of the abundance they still have left is imperative. While arriving at a solution, the depth of their engagement and the journey are also part of the final solution.



Pandemic Or Not, Our Future Is Uncertain: 


Our children are growing up in a world very different from ours. The future will require for them to constantly adopt to unpredictable changes if they want to stay in the race. As with our Pandemic or not, we cannot predict the future for them, but we can give them an education and tools that becomes a roadmap of guidance for them.

Knowledge is becoming cheaper and less important. In the near future, nobody will hire us because of what we know. We will be hired for our abilities to think and create with what we know. From personal accountability comes empowerment. A sense of empowerment gives children what they want – a life filled with happiness and contentment.

It’s OK to have mixed feelings about the way your child’s eLearning efforts are going on. Just ask them to try their best. And keep reminding them that they need to take of their attention, and value their physical and mental health. Good luck!


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