Staying Relevant In A Volatile Landscape:


Without personal accountability and a deep-rooted interest in human connections, our work cannot drive the positive and global impact we intend for it to have. Without the right intentions and ethics, even the best tools in our hands can become weapons of mass destruction.

In this digital age of information overload, there is a greater need to teach our kids how to process information and how to make sense of it rather than giving them more information via our curriculum.

Knowledge is becoming cheaper and less important. In the near future, we will not be hired for what we know, but for our ability to harvest new ideas and solutions in ever changing technological landscapes. Embrace change, stay relevant.



The Era of the Social Enterprise:


People these days don’t want to only eke out a living like how they had to in the midst of war during the Industrial Revolution. We don’t want to just elevate their standard of living like with the latest Technology and Information revolution.

Socially conscious enterprises – the ones that want to do the most social good, that have popped up in the past few years, are making us think of our own personal impact on the world. Most of us are now seeking meaning in “Why we do” in the “What we do” of our daily lives. We seek reward in improving the quality of our life and not just our standard of living. This is how the Future of our Work is going to look like.


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The A to Z Of Life Skills

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