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February is the month of love and when a lot of us who’re looking for love feel the most vulnerable. In our search for the right partner, we expend our self esteem and our decision making muscle.

It doesn’t have to be that way if we remember how Big Tech and the App industry is exploiting our weaknesses and making us hooked.

Ghosting, benching, and gas lighting knows no gender differences. Understand the pitfalls of being cat fished and good luck on the journey. Here are strategies that can help you understand your strengths and mitigate your weak points.




Feb is the month of love and also the most vulnerable time for singles. It is also especially bad for those in relationships that suck.

Dating apps alter our behaviors. They erode our self-esteem because of the rejection we experience. We are constantly second guessing ourselves to understand if we are making the right choice. Too many options erode our decision-making muscle.

When we engage with others on these apps, we start to internalize rejection and lower our self worth in front of ourselves and others. As a result we curate our photos and profile incessantly.

The emotionally weak and the easily tricked are the ones that are the most vulnerable. Instead of looking for a mate, our desire becomes to put our best self forward, become something we are not to ultimate please strangers that we might even meet beyond a first date.


Every Ending Is A New Beginning – Art Work By A 10 Year Old




All these companies who want you to stay hooked onto that app, want you to experience you, feel like you are under control of selecting your life partner. You’re empowered. The choice is yours, right? But in reality, if the big tech company is if the smartphone app matches you perfectly to your potential partner, would you come back? Would there be any incentive for you to come back to the app? So the bottom line is.

So please take care of yourself. They do understand the bottom line is not of yours, but that designer who has created that app who wants you to stay to it as much as possible. So take care of yourself. Good luck in finding the right one for.


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