Robots vs. Humans: Now: 


If robots and animals had superior cognitive abilities than us humans, we would not be running the world today. Only humans have the power of imagination, intense curiosity, and can understand the cause and effect scenarios. Only we can contemplate deeply on the meaning of life and understand our ability that we can change our mind if we want to. Only we know what it feels like to be in another person’s shoes. 

But if Sunder Pitchai and Google’s AI Assistant Duplex are to be believed, the day Robots are going to take over the world is not too far away. Apparently, work is well under way for AI to pick up nuances in language and subtleties of conversation unlike any other technology that’s been available to date.

Thanks to technology, we have facts and truths at our finger tips. But unlike facts, relationship knowledge is like a divided highway. There’s mutual give and take in the form of emotion exchange. Processing emotions is a special skill we have as humans. But are we using it to our advantage?


Humans Are Hooked. Machines Are Learning.



Humans Vs. Animals: 




Marrying Machines And Men:


Technology has seen exponential growth over the past few decades. A computer of 1957 was just a collection of switches and plastic tubes. In today’s world a 1000$ machine is a beast that’s controlling our productivity and our destiny.

As of 2015, a single computer processor has more intelligence than a mouse, which has about a 1000th of the human intelligence level. The world’s computer power doubles approximately every two years. That means a single computer processor is set to surpass the brain power of a single human in 2023. And by 2045, it’s expected to surpass the brain power of all human brains combined.

Technology is here to stay, so, we might as well marry it with our humanity. A correct union will include the strengths of man and machine coming together.


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