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Understanding Down Regulation:


Down regulation is a phenomenon that occurs when there is a drop in dopamine receptors in the reward processing area of the brain.

This causes a decrease in our ability to feel pleasure, resulting in a need to seek more stimulation. And that keeps us scrolling endlessly, refreshing aimlessly to see if we can bring back some of those feel good hormones.

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How Gaming Addiction Works:


The League of Legends is a game that is labeled as the Electronic heroine of China because of the way its played in a compulsive manner in video game cafes around the country. Teenage boys in America are spending 11.3 hours per week on video games.

Good social games teach strategies like cooperation, concept building and helping to clean and saving cities in large universes.

But, sustained violent video gaming of games, like Team Deathmatch in Call of Duty: Black Ops, leads to decreased sensitivity, increased aggressive behavior and worst of all moral disengagement with society.

Games are designed by giving us goals to reach to. Engineers and app developers tread a delicate balance between making it very hard to cross each level, but rewarding us just before we’re about to give up.

When games lure us with the promise of social camaraderie with anyone, anywhere on the planet and getting rewarded for developing skills, where is that readily available in real life??

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