“In every adversity lies the seed of an equal or greater opportunity.” – Napoleon Hill



What Life Skills?


Many parents ask what we teach at FutureSTRONG Academy, and when we say “21st Century Life Skills”, they say, “Oh yeah, OK, my child is fine, thank you.”

But, here’s the deal. Machines that we’re building using our spectacular Science, Math and Engineering skills are dictating how we must think, feel and act. But, thinking, planning and imagining are our unique value proposition as humans to begin with, isn’t it? Academic skills can be easily replicated, but qualities like empathy, perseverance, courage, commitment and hard work are deeply personal and what makes every human unique.

Between school, parents and society, children somehow must be able to learn how to get along with others, share and care, use self-control, advocate for themselves, deal with worries, be able to see someone else’s perspective, give and receive respect, be reflective and understand choices, take responsibility and accept consequences.. and so much more.

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