Want To Listen To It Instead? 




Be Your Own Mental Warrior:


Inspite of our trying our best, sometimes two kinds of thoughts are usually persistent. One that’s directed inward. “Can I do this? Am I capable of living a better life?” The answer is simple, have you tried doing something about it, like a 1000 times before giving up?

The second one is directed outward. “What will others think of me?” OK, this one is a good one. Sorry to burst your self obsession bubble, but I’m equally busy not really thinking about you. LOL.

If you’re 40, you have less than 14000 days left of your life, assuming you will live upto the current American life expectancy of 78 years old. But, nothing’s lost yet. Because, inspite of everything, you are here. You’re alive. So you must not just survive, but thrive. What are you waiting for? Take the reigns and charge ahead!

In the end, I want you to ask yourself “How badly do I want to live a good life?”

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