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Move Forward, Not Move On: 


One of the most difficult things a parent can do is continue living after the loss of a child. It shows us that, even after an insurmountable tragedy, we can find meaning in our life.

In our grief, we often lose sight of what we still have. In our sadness, we ignore the people and occasions that still need us.

Here is the thing. We don’t have to move on, we can carry our grief with us and continue to move forward together.

In the end, it helps us to remember that we never question all the good that comes our way, but only question the obstacles we face. In the end, our dignity lies in getting a sense of the ending, and letting go gracefully.




My life has been full of terrible misfortunes most of which never happened. ~ Michael de Montaigne, Philosopher



Child Bearers of the World: 


Read a poem about parents who lost their children.


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