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EPISODE 1: Here’s How To Get Started On Your Most Audacious Goals


EPISODE 2: Why We Set Goals And How To Win Each Day In Pursuit Of Them


EPISODE 3: Find Your Purpose So You Can Leave A Remarkable Footprint In Your Wake



Live Your Dream. Get Started Today! 


The problem with us humans is that we live like we’re living forever.
So this is where I want you to start. Imagine you’ve got finite amount of days in your life left. Would you continue living the way you’re now, if you found out that you don’t have enough time to do everything you love??

Believe me, our contemplation of our mortality can be our biggest motivator!

Here’s the mindset I want you to adopt in order to get started on your mission.

1. Hope for the future
2. Confidence that things will work out in the end
3. Belief in yourself and your resources


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