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Remember guys, Notifications are like dirty laundry.

You’re allowed to let them pile up.




Lack of physical connection is manifesting in adults needing attention via their TikTok videos and teens sharing their despair over SnapChat and Instagram. Until we can ease back ourselves into the real world without trepidation, our online lives must sustain our wellbeing.

ONE: We confuse digital cheers for connection.

TWO: We confuse 24/7 connectivity for deep communication.

THREE: This is a big one. We confuse arm chair activism for civic engagement.

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Some great news that was promised by Instagram is actually being put into action starting this week. Going forward, the platform, famous for curated posts by influencers, will be making the number of likes on posts invisible.

It’s time for other coveted symbols of social validation, like the blue verification check marks that can give us insecurity of our personal worth, to go. Of course, our celebrities are already starting to worry that it might be taking away their power to show off their reach to fan bases.

But, for the rest of us mere mortals who barely get by with 5 likes a day, it’s good for our mental health. Don’t you think? Double tap if you like. ;)

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