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The Teen Life Skills Checklist


* Confidence: Developing self awareness about their strengths.

* Divergent ThinkingEncouraging their problem solving skills using open ended questions.

* Secrets Of LeadershipTeaching them that by taking initiative, anyone can be a leader.

* Resilience: Understanding the courage to take risks within reasonable limits and trying again after failure.

* Fiscal Responsibility: Helping them balancing books, staying debt free and making sound financial choices.

* Attitude of Gratitude: Explaining the importance of the abundance mindset and avoiding the comparison trap.

* Knowledge vs. Wisdom: Showing them the importance of realizing the inherent wisdom in them.

* Clarity: Developing a personal emotional signature and having an affective presence.

* Communication & Conflict Management: Showing them the power of words and the consequences of our actions.



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The A to Z Of Life Skills

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