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EPISODE 1: How To Declutter, Adopt Clarity And Become Unstoppable


EPISODE 2: Hyper Consumerism Or Minimalism: We Do As We’re Sold.


EPISODE 3: Prevent Decision Fatigue By Understanding Mind Clutter And Device Distractions 




How Materialism Sabotages Our Values:


When we speak and act our personal truth and values, we’re living in an authentic way. We begin to live in a “No conflict” zone, where our thoughts, words and our actions are aligned. When we know what we stand for, prioritizing for what feels right becomes easy. Such clarity helps us with our action plans for our goals.

Our priorities can ensure that our goals stay actionable and true to what we believe in. Of course, we can keep reiterating based on their relevance to our changing times.

When we prioritize money, fame and possessions over other fulfilling aspects of life, it creates a paucity of time. Because we are constantly competing with others to level up, we feel exhausted and burnt out. It’s better to understand how others think and aspire as success and if it fits into our definition of what makes a great life.


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