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SAT is national test that helps colleges normalize the different public and private high school gradings. The score on these standardized tests is how colleges gauge an applicant’s merit. SAT is a test on your functioning skills unlike ACT which is a knowledge based test.

Here’s what I request colleges to start considering.

Along with the SAT score, they must add an adversity score or an environmental context score to get a holistic view of the child‘s merit. Look at the child’s life, high school curriculum, grades, family means, neighborhood, and their commitment to hard work, and academic excellence. Children with limited financial means come from crowded homes where often the parents and others don’t have the knowledge and the tech resources to help as much as they would like to.

Here’s what I want parents to ponder on.

If you’re considering hiring a private tutor or a Test Prep Academy to help your child with their SAT scores, consider this.

Encourage them to start creating a foundation for academic excellence starting from grade 9 to 11th grade. When you get committed with A’s and B’s early on, you can build on what you can do in your senior year.

Get the child used to taking free diagnostic tests on Khan Academy. Princeton review and College board have very good practice test books too. Let the child understand their strengths and weaknesses ahead of approaching outside help.

Test prep places help correct the mistakes you’ve made on diagnostic tests. Because they’re professionals, they can watch for your pitfalls. As they see many student patterns, they will be able to guide you. They can make you accountable. And after all, it’s only fair that parents want to outsource these test prep duties, because they can’t be everything for their children.

But, here’s the thing. Even if you end up paying 3500$ for 30 hours prep, or 2500$ for 40 hours, the actual tutors who coach your child might be receiving a meagre $12 an hour. And, if it’s an economical strain on you, you must convey it as much to your children.

College planning workshops and academies are propping up everywhere. But, do they cater to your agenda? The point is there is a happy medium of where the child is helping themselves while also receiving some amount of tutoring where necessary.

Finally, it’s time to ask yourself some questions. Are you putting pressure on your children to excel like their friends or siblings? Now, ask your children. “Do you really think a 4 hour test will determine what you’re capable of?”



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