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One Blade Of Grass At A Time


Vincent Van Gogh, was a Dutch Artist of the 19th Century. He was prolific in his art work and was a master self-portraits. Some of his most famous works are The Starry Night and The Series of Sunflowers.

Lessons we can learn from Vincent Van Gogh and his love for art:

1. Whatever your art is, do it for art’s sake.
2. Your act of creation doesn’t have to be externally validated.
3. Trust the process. Don’t resist it, go with the flow.
4. There’s no perfect art, just remember to continue to learn and improve.
5. See the beauty in everything by virtue of its creation.
6. Embrace solitude and see what comes out of it.
7. Out of pain comes beauty.

Even though Van Gogh spent unreasonable amounts of time in nature, it was not enough to cure him of his depression. He loved the bright colors of Red, Yellow and Blue, but in the end these colors didn’t come to his rescue.

If you’re struggling through depression or anxiety on a daily basis, please reach out and seek help. It’s important that your loved ones know about it.


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