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Decision Making And The Use Of Priming


In our decision making toolkit, there’s a very important tool call Priming. Priming is driving our brain from stimulation to another. There are many different kinds of priming.

A very important aspect of programming your mind for success involves setting your environment up to drive momentum. Make sure things around your house are those that uplift your mood and not depress you.

See any news channel, and you’ll find people on panels who want to project themselves as experts or academicians by the display of bookcases behind them.

Marketing and sales departments know this very well. That’s why at the height of the women’s liberation movement in America, the tobacco industry would routinely run ads that would show pictures of women with cigarettes along with birds flying. They want to project a symbol of freedom, and a woman’s power to choose, to vote etc.

Here’s how you can set yourself up for daily success.

1. Create visual daily reminders of what you want to achieve.
2. Write down your goals and stick it in front of you.


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