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Reasons Why We Fear Death

People who don’t know what to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon want to live forever. That’s the lure of immortality. All throughout our lives, we strive for wealth, fame, knowledge and happiness. And we want to also live on forever so we can enjoy our lives.

We want to avoid the inevitable, we fret about it and we feel abnormal about the most normal aspect of everyone’s lives – our death.

Yet, inspite of all this, death is the greatest equalizer. So, instead of worrying about it, let’s focus on making the most of our time here with one another. Because in our quest for redeeming ourselves forever, we jeopardize the chance of the impact we can have in this world.

Here’s what I missed out saying in the video. My apologies. We fear death because of two reasons primarily.

  • Death is this unknown that will be the end of everything we can do.
  • Death is the one that will take away from us everything we love and hold dear to us.


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