Do We Really Need Life Coaches?


We rely on our friends and family for words of kind encouragement, with a promise of doing the same for them in time of their need. But when a problem arises for a near and dear one, we are enveloped in this urge to protect them and erase the source of their worry at any cost. In essence, we become so close to the situation that we lose perspective to put it into a broader context.

A coach is an independent third party, who can mentor you to look at things objectively and help by probing the answers out of you through tools like reasoning and critical thinking.



What Are Great Coaches Made Of:


We need coaches to help us understand how to overcome obstacles. And we need them to help us to see hope where there’s none. They are a special fertilizer that can revive the old soil that we’re standing on, so we can plant some new ideas. They’re there for us to blossom while showering us with love, nurture and guidance.

A great coach understands the struggles of the world, and can lead you on the path with courage and compassion. He or she will encourage you to never give up.

In the company of a great coach you will feel like standing on the shoulder of giants that came before you. Because, he or she will allow you to believe in what’s possible. And not shy from stretching the limits of your endurance. A great coach will teach you the importance of consistency and diligence. He or she will help put your core values into action.



Developing A Clarity Of Purpose:


FutureSTRONG Academy empowers young minds by motivating them to learn and to believe in themselves. We love what we do as coaches for busy parents and children because our children teach us so much about being joyful, reflective and seizing the opportunity at hand.

Why do we advocate our mentoring program to children, teens and busy parents? Just like anything else we seek help with or try to get better at, life skill coaches enhance the quality of our lives.


Here’s what Life Coaches can do:


* Set you on a path to a success and winning mindset.
* Show you how to live intentionally instead of sleep walking through life.
* Help you find and seek your inner wisdom.
* Challenge your unconscious habits and behavior patterns.
* Help you with setting expectations to self and others.
* Help you set goals and sustain them.
* Bring clarity to your vision and your purpose.
* Show you how to live to your fullest potential.


Sleep Walking Or Intentional Living:


Having a vision and a road map for where you want to go helps turn your ideas into actionable goals. Having a life coach to guide you through the chaos of life can help you live intentionally each day instead of just sleepwalking through life.

As humans, we all want to succeed, but often times, we don’t seem to know where to start. A positive mentor can encourage, challenge, push and support you as you explore your passions and interests and strive to be #BetterThanYesterday.

And never forget this. Mentors come in all shapes and sizes. Listen to what our young folks have to say. Many times, there’s great wisdom in their observations. And that’s called reverse mentoring. Moreover, there’s value in everyone’s opinions and ideas.

Find your sponsor today and prove to them that you’re worthy of taking a chance with. And just like a child who’s confident that a parent is watching, you’ll be ready to take on any challenge that you face in your journey. All the best!


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