My bones ache when I think of the children who’re missing on their carefree play at school and outdoors in close proximity of their friends. I feel sad when I think of when or if I will ever be able to touch my grandmother’s delicate and frail hands again. My new business had crash landed in 2 weeks before it even had a chance to take off in March of this year when Covid struck.

When I think of all these things, I’m giving away my personal power to the Pandemic. So, here’s what I’ve decided to do. I’m not just going to get by, I’m going to thrive. And I’m going to do that by not postponing joy.

Thanks to Covid, I have had some time to think of all the things that I thought were responsible for my happiness. I started rediscovering all the reasons I would smile as a child.

All along I was the only one responsible for creating all the emotions that made me feel sad or joy. And turns out power, prestige or possessions were not going to give me everlasting happiness. Youth will fade away and money won’t spare me the pain of staying away from everyone that matter to me.

The Pandemic has given me the knowledge that personal development is in my hands and I could hone my craft and never be afraid of reinventing myself.




My definitions of success and joy are my own and I must not forget how I will be remembered. I must work daily on retaining my originality, my integrity and my undying resilience. And I must self-preserve if I have to strive for freedom, justice and equality for our future generations. I must not give up and not wait for another moment to buy a meal for anyone less fortunate than I am.

And I must self-advocate with my words and create a safety net with the tenderness of care and nurture for those who rely on me. Now, I will build a wholesome life to share what I have left over with me when we’re free to see and hug one another once again.

Yes, I can feel unbridled joy even in the middle of social isolation. Like Nature that is continuous, eternal and unyielding, I can seek refuge in my present moment. Even in the presence of a pandemic with no end in sight.

You know, here’s something else I’ve kept from you until now. I wrote this more for myself than for you. Thank you.


* * *

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