Zeus 2Q is creating an educational revolution by transforming the way we learn, engage with and program Robots.

The Future Is Here, Become A Part Of It!

Our Future Requires Humans and Machines To Work Together.

Learning a Machine language is just as important as learning any other language!

Advantages Of Using Zeus 2Q Do For Researchers: 

There are many reasons to bring Robotics into the classroom for educators who’re thoroughly invested in the future of their researchers and scientists. Here are a few reasons why Zeus 2Q and the knowledge of Robotics is critical in the 21st century.


    1. Increasing researcher enrollment and engagement.
    2. Helping researchers with essential 21st Century skills like critical thinking
    3. Understanding ethics education as part of building sustainable robots.
    4. Improvement of achievement & learning effectiveness
    5. Understanding Computational thinking along with advanced levels of scientific principles.
    6. Project based learning of core subjects like communication, Math and Computer Science.

The Mission Statement: 

The world of Robotics has very few affordable fully functioning robots available for education and research. The Zeus 2Q Humanoid Robotic kit is the affordable solution Universities, Institutions, High Schools, Researchers, Scientists and Makers can use to take their hands-on learning to the next level!

No, this is not Science Fiction. Zeus 2Q is here. And it’s putting the future of Robots in the hands of humanity!

Zeus 2Q is a humanoid robotic kit that helps your imagination evolve at the pace of innovation. The full functionality of Zeus 2Q is patented in the United States.

It’s mission is to empower Robot enthusiasts and research fellows by putting the power of Computer Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Mechanics, Electronics and Engineering in their hands. It’s a humanoid robotic kit built using the most common single board computers. With 22 degrees of freedom Zeus 2Q puts the power of your imagination in control! 

How Zeus 2Q Was Conceived: 

Zeus was conceived the same way many revolutionary products like Apple and Microsoft started, in a garage setting, back in 2015. The project began as building a hobby humanoid robot which then started finding its place in many shows and workshops in the US and virtual seminars around the world.

Humanoid robots are the most challenging to engineer, especially when you have to make the robot balance in two legs to walk. But, we did it and rest is history!

As Zeus’ popularity grew, he began to win over many hearts along the way. That forced Luis Guzman to wonder how it would be if he gave every researcher, scientist and every hobbyist a chance to create a robot for their own education and research purposes. His goal was to build a robot that is light, agile and easily customizable with different components based on individual choice.

Thus started his quest to build a humanoid robotic kit on an open platform for research and education so colleges and universities can adapt into their curriculum. And that’s what is now Zeus 2Q, a fully functional robotic kit, that’s entirely developed and designed in the US.

Detailed Features Of The Zeus 2Q Robotic Kit: 

Whether you are an enthusiast of Raspberry Pi or Arduino, a mechanical or electronics engineer, a teacher, researcher, or a scientist, the Zeus 2Q robotic kit helps you to learn and understand concepts like mechanics, electronics and programming with ease.

Check out some of the technical features of the kit:

BATTERY: Zeus 2Q runs on two batteries of 7.2 volts and 5 amps each. He can currently run for four hours on these. We’re developing the possibility of extending it to eight hours.

WALK AND GAIT: Zeus 2Q is one of the only biped robots that is able to stand on his own when he’s powered off. He can walk and you can configure any style of gait using your desired algorithm.

ARMS: Zeus 2Q has arms that are capable of 10 degrees of freedom.

BALANCE: Zeus 2Q has some balancing features, an accelerometer on the upper body to keep him balanced; two accelerometers on his feet to measure the angle of his step to make adjustments. In addition to that, if he’s carrying weights, he has pressure sensors on each individual toe to make adjustments to his balance.

VISION: Zeus 2Q has a floating point camera to map out his surroundings and measure the distance of objects in front of him.

COMMUNICATION: The communication and interaction with any person can be modified for a specific function or based on specific response requirements, there by developing a unique character to Zeus 2Q.

Programming Your Zeus 2Q Robotic Kit: 

Zeus 2Q has full R.O.S., Robot Operating System, capabilities. ROS is an open source set of software that has libraries full of developer tools that help build robot applications. It is the powerful robot simulation platform that forms the base of the meta-operating system of Zeus 2Q.

ROS makes it easy to connect different nodes together. Whatever your language of choice is, whether its C++, Python or anything else, you can make Zeus 2Q do a series of complex robotic actions using them.

Using the publish and subscribe protocols that the different nodes communicate with each other, you can expect the operating system to provide services like low-level device control, hardware abstraction, message-passing between processes, package management and other commonly used functions of a robot.

Because of this flexible framework, the software for operating Zeus2Q is fully customizable. Based on your experience and enthusiasm, you can take the level of this functionality to the next level!

At this time of publication, the R.O.S modules of Zeus 2Q are being reviewed for all major electronics that are not already available. Zeus 2Q is being built with standard electronic hardware that can be acquired by anyone from any electronic hardware vendor.

Build Your Own Zeus 2Q! 

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