Let’s Define Wellbeing:


As humans, we’re driven by this singular goal, “I just want to be happy!”

So, let’s see how our happiness is determined by how we feel about ourselves on a daily basis. How satisfied are we about the state of our life? Do we experience a sense of pleasant emotions daily? How’s our ability to not get overwhelmed by the nature of our environment – mostly that is out of our control?

So how can we preserve a keen sense of wellbeing on a daily basis? First, to take a stock of our personal wellbeing, we can start by asking ourselves how we feel in three aspects of our life.

a. Our sense of autonomy and purpose
b. Our understanding of our strengths
c. Our connectedness to others



Sifting Through Time:


Finding our most joyful self means we must reconcile with our past, be present in our future and be less anxious of our future. After all, its not in our control.

1. PAST: We must change the narrative
2. PRESENT: We must work on mindset management
3. FUTURE: Start working on increasing our emotional intelligence



Learn How to Change Our Actions: 


We must change our actions by learning:

1. How not to self-sabotage:

The areas in which a human self sabotages himself or herself on a daily basis are endless. Judgement, anxiety, fear, regret, stress, shame, grace, expectations, perfection, self-doubt, bias, vices, time management etc and so much more.

2. How to manage different mindsets:

Like Growth, Fixed, Scarcity, Victim, Positive, Flexible, Gratitude etc and so much more.

3. How to thrive and get better at our Emotional Intelligence goals.

• Identifying our roles and responsibilities
• Responding to stress productively
• Defusing negative and irrational emotions
• Understanding emotions enough to use them as motivators not destructors
• Using our emotional temperature to make smart decisions
• Developing a strong sense of self
• Reaching out for help
• Changing your reactions to tough situations and challenges
• Getting back up after failure
• Connection and Collaboration with anyone
• Persuading and influencing as a leader


* * *

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