What Is Self Efficacy:


Let me first describe the quality of self-efficacy. It is a learnable mindset that makes people believe that they can accomplish what they’ve set out to do. When we adopt this trait, we are able to set our sights higher, try harder and persevere longer in the face of obstacles.

It’s an essential ingredient in problem solving and navigating uncertainty. And it starts with how we can love ourselves for a. who we are and b. how hard we’re trying to accomplish what we’ve set out to do.

In the long run, it helps us change the narrative of our own story. A great story must be transformative and drive change. A great story must inspire, motivate and persuade. Similarly, a great personal narrative can empower us to become the Chief Story Tellers of our own lives.



How to Build Self Efficacy:


People with low confidence in their abilities are not motivated to learn and challenge themselves to grow. The narrative that our brain stops growing at a certain age and that we all have a fixed mindset are so archaic, it’s amazing so many of us still believe that we can’t learn, grow and flourish each day.

Instead, we must be imparting the idea that competence is simply not a product of our innate intelligence but that of our meticulous hardwork and relentless efforts. As we work to improve our strengths and skills, we start to feel adequate. We begin to understand our capabilities and our full potential. We become positive, confident and learn to forgive ourselves for our missteps. Unlike with low self esteem, self efficacy gives us the ability to take on new challenges because setbacks make us try harder.

For inculcating this self believe in children, we must love them for who they are and show them as much. We must allow them to mentor younger children with the experience and knowledge they have about their own young lives so far. Allowing children to teach younger children helps with boosting their own confidence and develop a strong sense of purpose through contribution.



How To Identify Self Efficacy In Children:


When children begin to develop self-efficacy, it shows in the way they behave and handle situations that unfold around them. Here’s how to identify these traits:

  1. When they understand where their strengths and interests lie.
  2. They’re able to assess their limitations.
  3. They’re willing to demonstrate their positive traits.
  4. When they’re willing to try out new and diverse things.
  5. They show their optimism for their future
  6. And when they’re confident to handle daily setbacks.
  7. When they believe in their ability to perform specific tasks (e.g., driving, public speaking, taking tests, etc.)



Self-Efficacy, Positive Mental Health and Success:


The best by product of developing self-efficacy is an improved sense of wellbeing. As a result when we try to accomplish challenging tasks and fail, we are quick to recover from failures.

With a mindset of “I have the ability to accomplish my goals”, we develop a positive state in the face of problems.

Whatever might be the problem, here are some cold hard facts. The world will always keep changing and we will always have problems. That’s the only constant in our lives. Then why not think solutions and not worry about problems. Why not think of the next steps ahead of us instead of mulling over the persistent condition?

Let’s start with thinking of ourselves as problem solvers. That’s an empowering thought. Now, let’s internalize this. “I’m down for anything. That’s just easy instead of fighting everything.” When faced with an adversity, challenge or catastrophic situation, thinking of what we can do instead of what could have been is going to be imperative.



Lessons for our Changing Landscape:


Only one thing in the digital age we live in is certain. We’re surrounded by constant, rapid and unpredictable change.

Then, how do we then make sure we’re ready to face uncertainty in career and real life? By learning skills like adaptability, problem solving and resilience, we can meet challenges with easy when they arise. And the rise of AI, the most important soft skill is the ability and agility to deal with uncertainty. Because, Robots haven’t learnt how to automate this skill yet.

Self efficacy is the feeling of adequacy you feel with yourself. It is simply giving yourself a few pats on the back that you’re skillful enough, good enough and that you can get stuff done. Why must one learn self efficacy? To feel confident, positive and powerful. It frees you up from the negative thoughts that worry you and allows for failure and missteps. Moreover, if you develop self efficacy you can learn to forgive yourself for your mistakes and try harder next time.

Accept that things are going to be hard, life is built for testing our endurance and charge ahead. On the other side of our adversity is our success story. That inner voice that’s stopping you? Crush it.



* * *

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